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Our Coaches

Meet our amazing and talented coaches at Limitless Martial Arts.


Ali Hanjani

Kru Ali started his MMA career in 2006 under Jiu Jitsu Black Belt Will Ellis of Pagsuko Fight Team. After capturing multiple titles in the ametur ranks he decided to turn pro in 2010 under the tutelage of Sensei Benjamin Schissler of Serial Boxe Fight Team. He spent the next 6 years competing in the professional ranks and after capturing a title decided to retire and focus his attention on leading the next generation of Martial Artists. Since 2017 he has continued to train and corner students in MMA, Muay Thai and Jiu Jitsu competitions throughout the nation.

Coach Kosta_.jpg

Kosta Korres

Kosta has been a certified coach and judge in kickboxing and thai boxing by the ISKA since 1996. In 2002 he would go on to get his blue belt under renowned coach Carlson Gracie out of Chicago, Illinois. It was around that time that Kosta decided to switch to catch wrestling under Tony Cecchine. Kosta continues to impart and share his “catch as catch can” mentality to the new generation of grapplers.

Coach mark.jpeg

Mark Kondenko

Mark Kondenko began his martial arts journey in 2015 after graduating from C.U boulder with his Bachelors in Exercise Physiology. He was invited to class by a co-worker and was instantly hooked and has been studying Jiu jitsu and Muay Thai under Kru Ali Hanjani ever since. Mark found that the family mentality, mixed with high level instructors and classmates at Limitless made it a perfect place to train. He also enjoys competing in Jiu Jitsu tournaments and has medaled in multiple Fight 2 Win and Grappling Industries competitions. 

Mark currently teaches beginners Jiu jitsu class, Strength and Conditioning, and he offers personal training.


Rachel Fiddes

Coach Rachel started her Martial Arts journey in 2016 under Kru Ali Hanjani. When Rachel first discovered Muay Thai she quickly grew fascinated with the Martial Art and became obsessed with dedicating herself in becoming an experienced Muay Thai fighter. Prior to joining Limitless Martial Arts and taking on Muay Thai full time, Rachel was a competitive soccer player as well as an avid snowboarder. She has always enjoyed extreme sports and the thrill of the fight which is why she continues to commit herself to competing in and coaching Muay Thai.

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